Saturday, February 14, 2009

Aaron Stone - Disney XD - Heroes Rising

On Friday Disney introduced Disney XD, and the new series "Aaron Stone". My family watched both episodes and were hooked. In the Aaron Stone show, a boy named Charlie is the best at a virtual game called "Heroes Rising". His avatar is named Aaron Stone and he and a few friends battle villains.

It turns out that the company that created the game (Hall Industries) actually did it so they could find the best player on earth, and use him to battle real life villains. Charlie - "Aaron Stone" is reluctant to do this, since he is just a high school kid. After some coaxing by a android (who is the assistant principle in another show called Phil of the Future) he decides to participate in a mission. Hall Industries gears him up with a special suit that gives him all of the same weapons and skills that he uses in the Heroes Rising game. After a few mishaps, he learns to use the suit, and defeats the villains.

Overall, my family (2 kids, girl 6, boy 9) enjoyed the show. We are looking forward to seeing what Aaron Stone's next mission looks like.

Review of Aaron Stone Episode 4, Time Out.

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